It’s been a while…

  I thought I’d better write a piece as I’ve not done so for a little while mainly because I worry that I bore people with my subjects/rants etc. Hopefully it’s just me overthinking things as always but I do know I can go on about things….  (Myself) Sorry! ๐Ÿ˜Š

So our life this year so far has been the usual of getting through one day at a time and not getting too upset with the bad days that we do have which is hard and letting go of certain frustrations and worries we carry around. Easier said then done ๐Ÿ˜ฅ it’s mainly me that does it and it’s something I truly hate about myself. I’m hoping that with time and age that you find it easier to let things go over your head and not look into things so much. 

Also I HATE Google! Thinking it has all the answers to help with parenting or any subject when the answers don’t work for everyone. The fact you can ask any question at the tips of your fingers and then think why have I just looked that up as then the replies you receive makes you worry 100x more. 

After my recent search into google I went and sat in the bath with a chocolate bar and cried. 

I wish sometimes the technology we have now didn’t exist and the social media too. No matter how helpful it is to some the peer pressure you feel is awful to ‘fit in’or ‘conform’is not much fun. I honestly really try not be one of those but you get swept away by it all and then before you know it you’re part of it and then when it doesn’t go your way – FAILURE. 

Like I say I’m hoping in time these feelings ease with age as I’m not sure I can cope with any more feelings of being a failure or rubbish. I’m hitting the big ’30’this summer and I’m thinking now a mummy of 2 and being 30 will help?? ๐Ÿ˜‚ and somehow overnight I’ll start thinking differently. Who knows. 

Until next time

Michelle X 

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