Tantruming two’s

wow, where has my lovely little Clark gone!!! He’s now been replaced with this scene most days….

  Now I always thought I had good patience but as of late it seems it’s not as good as I thought. He really knows how to make me feel terrible and quite honestly a rubbish mummy. It feels that whatever or however I try to comfort or entertain him it’s wrong! 
I have always heard people refer to being 2 as the “terrible two’s” but not really believed it-until it’s your child. 

Clark will be turning 2 on Friday so he’s hit this stage earlier than forecast but still it’s like I’m having to get used to a new child. I have no idea most days how it will be and I feel I’m having to tip-toe around him just so we don’t have a meltdown. 

Obviously I still tell him NO in certain situations and tell him off when needed but I just don’t seem to please him or make him happy. After a few weeks of this now I’m starting to take it personally. Racking my brains to change the situation or make light of it. 

I’m now in a horrible phase of not really wanting to go anywhere because of the tantrums as it just becomes hard work, stressful and by the time I arrive to a place it’s time for food for one or the other boys(mainly Cain) so activities and days out are few and cabin fever sets in for all.   

This by far has been the hardest couple of weeks of parenting so far for me/us. We have many more stages to come too but still each one takes by surprise and need time to get used to it. 

I still love Clark a lot, he’s beautiful!! And he’s mine but some days…. 


Michelle x

2 thoughts on “Tantruming two’s

  1. Terrible twos ! With two small children !
    Clark is learning to talk , he can walk steadier than ever and has a healthy and I think deep curiosity ! He can now begin to explore all the wonderful things he can see now his upright and steady !
    Trouble is he can’t always complete the task he wants to undertake ! Fine motor skills not advanced enough yet ! Can’t reach , can’t quite work it out , wants to tell you something , hasn’t quite got the words ! Imagine if you can’t do something you get frustrated ,scream silently in your head – get Chris or someone else to help you have to explain what you want done , what you have done ! And you then will get the help and hopefully a hug too !
    Imagine you can’t make people understand you task – let them know what you have achieved verbalise your frustration ….. The outcome is a tantrum….
    Don’t be scared of saying no -none if us like it but we need to know out boundaries ! A two year mod wants everything now ! How frustrating when you can’t have it !
    Sometimes if you try a cuddle it won’t work leave him in a safe place and gain some equilibrium for yourself – he nay go back and try again and tantrum again – let him get over his frustration ! Leave him in a safe place !
    Please please please go out ! So what if he has a tantrum so what if people stare !! Your nit hurting him and we don’t live in a world where chosen are seen and not heard ! We all need to express ourselves that’s hiw two year old do it …. It’s a they have in their tool box for now .
    Remember your loving little boy cherish your time with him remember discipline and love help a child to be stable … His still there his transitioning to the next stage – when he can talk and has developed more the tantrums will ease 🙂
    And because of your love , discipline etc he we be the amazing little boy I met on Sunday xxxx
    Love you all

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