Wow! Time is flying, seriously flying. In less than 2 months my baby Cain will be 1! 1! I honestly can’t believe it. Some days I hope he grows and gets through certain stages then on others I’m scared that’s he’s not far off a Toddler and I’ll no longer have a baby. šŸ˜„šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢ He’s now on the move crawling And pulling himself up. He’s got more teeth appearing and weaning has got ever so slightly easier. He’s delicious and soooo cheeky!!  

Now my other tornado is on a good run right now. Eating well and biggest of all NO DUMMIES! Mean mummy threw them in the bin!! After day 3 he never asked again for them. Very proud of him. Also I’m not potty training but 4 days in a row he’s done a wee on his potty and it’s like a switch has flicked on and has realised what it’s for. Not pushing it too much and going to wait a bit longer unless he asks to use it more but again he’s a champ!! All growing up and not able to stop it. Trying to embrace it!! And cry quietly too. šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢

   My weeks are flying by more with being back to work 3 days a week and juggling all other mother/wife duties so honestly I do feel like I’m in a whirlwind. I crave a normal day but it doesn’t happen and weirdly I think I would be bored!! 

Now Christmas is fast approaching and I’m very excited to see the boys faces on Christmas Day!! So much more fun when you have small ones around. 

Michelle x

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