Where has August gone?? It has flown by so quick and I feel a little sad! 

We started off our month with the boys christening. It was a lovely day with great sunshine wine and loads of food!! And of course all our guests!! The boys were so well behaved and we were very grateful to them for being so good. They had some lovely gifts and lots of cuddles from everyone. It’s so great when you can get people together for a few hours to celebrate,catch up and for some to meet new people. Our venue was also brilliant and staff helpful too. 

 Amongst things, we’ve had our nieces here from Devon so managed a quick outing to family day with them where Clark experienced his first fairground ride. He loved it and we had a hard time to pull him away!! (Sat with cousin Belle)

   Finally it was the big day of Clark turning 2!! We sent him to nursery (meanies I know) for some of the day as that is his normal day but brought him home for birthday tea and cake!!

He had a great day and enjoyed all his gifts and loved his cake! Just can’t believe 2 years have passed and he’s growing so fast. Although this year ahead maybe one the hardest to deal with he’s still so great and caring. I can’t wait to see how he’ll be this time next year!! 

 To the next month!! 

Michelle x

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