Trolley dash

One of our weekly chores is the grocery shop. Sometimes I do it alone when the boys are in bed, sometimes I take one along depending on what day it is and sometimes I have to take both along. When I have both boys it starts to become difficult as I need a trolley with a baby seat and child seat. By now I’ve become wise to which super market has these trolleys but I’m a little annoyed that not all supermarkets have them. Especially the 2 I want/try to use the most Aldi and Lidl. I think these are now very popular supermarkets especially marketing towards the family! 

(Aldi nappies rock and so do their wipes!!) 

So yesterday I take my mum along with me as its crazy busy and can’t wrestle the trolley, Clark and Cain in a sling on my own let alone trolley dash at the end where they put your food so fast through the checkout you break a sweat! 😥😥 my mum even said about the trolley situation. That’s what got me thinking to write this blog no matter how boring the subject is, it’s a real problem for families with children very young. 

I understand they don’t have the biggest shops but they shouldn’t cater so well for families if they’re not going to make it easy to shop there. OR they need to change it so you can do online shopping with them!! 

I don’t have the greatest record with online shopping. I once ordered a chicken that I thought was going to cost £5 instead it weight 5lb and we  had to get an army to eat it with us! Also I ordered a bag of pre chopped cabbage- they sent 3! The best one to date is that I thought I’d ordered a good amount of bananas as you have to put the weight in rather than how many, I received 1 banana; 1 very small banana. I’m still willing to do online if they did make it online? Slim chance. 

So to sum it up Aldi and Lidl need to invest in some more family friendly trolleys to help people like myself. It’s tiresome and hard work otherwise!! 

Michelle x


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