Two boys

Thought I’d share a poem written by Chris to me. Was given to me in my Christmas card. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Two boys
Not long ago, we were just you and me,
oh and Missy the dog, so that makes three.
But now we have been adding to the clan
and that started with our first little man.

Clark came along after months of trying.
August 21st, 10:03 first heard him crying.
I learnt to change nappies by watching on YouTube,
but all he was interested in was sucking on your boob.

He soon turned into a lovely chunky chap,
always getting himself into some kind of mishap.
We had a fright when we had to take him to the Docs,
all was fine, he was brave, bless his cotton socks.

We only just had time to catch our breath
when out of the blue came another pregnancy test
It was a shock to hear but it didn’t make me sad,
that soon I’d have another person calling me “Dad”.

Thirty nine weeks, in the hospital again.
You’re popped, I’m in shock, lots of screams in pain.
Then, I really struggled to hold back my tears of joy
when I whispered to you “we’ve got another boy!”.

Cain came along to be Clark’s younger brother,
but now I’m adamant that we won’t have another.
It’s not that I don’t love being a dad,
but the sound of more little feet would probably send me mad!

It’s tough at times for you i know
but I would really like to say.
I’m so proud and thankful for what you’ve done
bringing the boys up in a great way.

Finally I’d like you to know
I’ve loved you from our first ‘Hello’.
Now we’ve tiredness and mountains of toys,
but I couldn’t imagine life without our two little boys.

Happy Christmas!

Chris is brilliant as these poems and have received one or two before of him. 

Hope you like 

Michelle x

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