Disasterous days!!!

Is it just me or is it whenever I try to think of things to do with the boys on my own something always goes wrong or happens which makes me wonder why bother???

Last week I had a horrid day with Clark on Wednesday. Tantrums over the slightest things. Main issue for me is getting him in his car seat without him turning into a plank of wood!!! Beads of sweat normally can be seen after. The day did not get better with incident of dog poo being brought in the house as well as banging my leg so hard on the corner of conservatory, I cried. I was glad for the end of the day, trust me. So then yesterday as the sun was beaming I thought we need to do something outside. Load boys and dogs in car ( no car seat issue so far….) and head to Burghley house for walk. Get them in pushchair, attach dog to pushchair and off we go. NO!! Very flat tyre which is not easy to push lop sided. I let Clark out for a run and eventually head back to car. ( let the wrestling match begin!!!) 5 mins of being deafened and getting a sweat on I manage to get him in. Phew. 

Every week I try very hard not to stay in house all day as I think we get cabin fever but having two babies under 2 it gets hard to think of things to do together. 

Playgroups are great, but again it’s loading and unloading I find hard alone. 

I’m so grateful of this good weather and our garden. It’s been great fun.

I hope it continues… 


My beautiful boys who I adore despite tantrums and all. Xx

My force to keep me going…

I thought for my first blog I would tell you more about my life. ( I love nosing into others lives so thought others like me would want to know a bit too) 

I first met Chris (husband) in 2006 in our local pub. He barely spoke a word to me that night but had been keenly eyeing me up across the table. Eventually after a few hiccups he got my number and text me. Our first date was mostly me talking and Chris listening, no changes there! After our first date we’ve barely been apart. 

We’ve achieved a lot together through these years:

  • Changing our jobs at same time
  • Buying a house- selling- buying another. 
  • Getting a dog, oh and married too. 
  • Now 2 amazing little boys who are mini Chris’s!!! 

It’s been great, but none of this would have happened without Chris being by my side keeping me calm and working together as a team. I feel we do work well together, have very similar ways of thinking. 

I really hope we continue this to bring up our boys and keep our spark alight. 

He does some amazing things to make me happy for example he writes great poems that go in my cards, has made a memory box for us and a jewellery box for me. I think by far the the most heart felt thing he’s done to date is he wrote a beautiful book about becoming a dad. Even to this day I cry when I read it. He then topped it off with a special video diary of the events leading up to Clark being born!! Incredible. 

I really can’t thank him enough for all the support he gives me as well as the giggles we have and our beautiful boys. 

That’s us!

I think we all need that person to keep us going and to stay strong!! I hope you’ve found yours!! 

How did you meet your future??

Michelle x