Trolley dash

One of our weekly chores is the grocery shop. Sometimes I do it alone when the boys are in bed, sometimes I take one along depending on what day it is and sometimes I have to take both along. When I have both boys it starts to become difficult as I need a trolley with a baby seat and child seat. By now I’ve become wise to which super market has these trolleys but I’m a little annoyed that not all supermarkets have them. Especially the 2 I want/try to use the most Aldi and Lidl. I think these are now very popular supermarkets especially marketing towards the family! 

(Aldi nappies rock and so do their wipes!!) 

So yesterday I take my mum along with me as its crazy busy and can’t wrestle the trolley, Clark and Cain in a sling on my own let alone trolley dash at the end where they put your food so fast through the checkout you break a sweat! 😥😥 my mum even said about the trolley situation. That’s what got me thinking to write this blog no matter how boring the subject is, it’s a real problem for families with children very young. 

I understand they don’t have the biggest shops but they shouldn’t cater so well for families if they’re not going to make it easy to shop there. OR they need to change it so you can do online shopping with them!! 

I don’t have the greatest record with online shopping. I once ordered a chicken that I thought was going to cost £5 instead it weight 5lb and we  had to get an army to eat it with us! Also I ordered a bag of pre chopped cabbage- they sent 3! The best one to date is that I thought I’d ordered a good amount of bananas as you have to put the weight in rather than how many, I received 1 banana; 1 very small banana. I’m still willing to do online if they did make it online? Slim chance. 

So to sum it up Aldi and Lidl need to invest in some more family friendly trolleys to help people like myself. It’s tiresome and hard work otherwise!! 

Michelle x



Where has August gone?? It has flown by so quick and I feel a little sad! 

We started off our month with the boys christening. It was a lovely day with great sunshine wine and loads of food!! And of course all our guests!! The boys were so well behaved and we were very grateful to them for being so good. They had some lovely gifts and lots of cuddles from everyone. It’s so great when you can get people together for a few hours to celebrate,catch up and for some to meet new people. Our venue was also brilliant and staff helpful too. 

 Amongst things, we’ve had our nieces here from Devon so managed a quick outing to family day with them where Clark experienced his first fairground ride. He loved it and we had a hard time to pull him away!! (Sat with cousin Belle)

   Finally it was the big day of Clark turning 2!! We sent him to nursery (meanies I know) for some of the day as that is his normal day but brought him home for birthday tea and cake!!

He had a great day and enjoyed all his gifts and loved his cake! Just can’t believe 2 years have passed and he’s growing so fast. Although this year ahead maybe one the hardest to deal with he’s still so great and caring. I can’t wait to see how he’ll be this time next year!! 

 To the next month!! 

Michelle x

Tantruming two’s

wow, where has my lovely little Clark gone!!! He’s now been replaced with this scene most days….

  Now I always thought I had good patience but as of late it seems it’s not as good as I thought. He really knows how to make me feel terrible and quite honestly a rubbish mummy. It feels that whatever or however I try to comfort or entertain him it’s wrong! 
I have always heard people refer to being 2 as the “terrible two’s” but not really believed it-until it’s your child. 

Clark will be turning 2 on Friday so he’s hit this stage earlier than forecast but still it’s like I’m having to get used to a new child. I have no idea most days how it will be and I feel I’m having to tip-toe around him just so we don’t have a meltdown. 

Obviously I still tell him NO in certain situations and tell him off when needed but I just don’t seem to please him or make him happy. After a few weeks of this now I’m starting to take it personally. Racking my brains to change the situation or make light of it. 

I’m now in a horrible phase of not really wanting to go anywhere because of the tantrums as it just becomes hard work, stressful and by the time I arrive to a place it’s time for food for one or the other boys(mainly Cain) so activities and days out are few and cabin fever sets in for all.   

This by far has been the hardest couple of weeks of parenting so far for me/us. We have many more stages to come too but still each one takes by surprise and need time to get used to it. 

I still love Clark a lot, he’s beautiful!! And he’s mine but some days…. 


Michelle x


Our little Cain is getting such a big boy. 3 weeks ago he hit the 6 month mark and so it began- weaning!!

I pulled out my baby led weaning and Annabel Karmel books and flicked through to remind myself of how I was going to do this. I’m going to do both baby led and puréed food as I do want him to learn by holding,playing etc but also I want to know he’s eaten something. I did the same for Clark and he is an excellent eater. A machine almost! So fingers crossed he’ll be the same!! 

Day one I started off with Apple purée, very sweet I know but much nicer tasting than his minging milk (milk intolerance we believe so he’s on prescription milk) 

Then after a few days I moved on to carrot purée and also allowing him toast in the morning and bits at night like breadsticks, pasta etc

He really didn’t seem at all interested by purée and thought we were going to have to just do baby led but on day 6 he finally figured it out and now generally really enjoys it and has gone from eating not much to having breakfast, lunch and tea. 

The downside to weaning and having 2 so close together is my day is generally about the boys’ food and times. I struggle to even get food myself some days as it’s just never ending! As I’ve finished one the other will need something. I’m finding it very hard to get out the house alone with them both as it’s much easier to prepare and feed from home. 

With every new stage comes a whole new routine to try work around and figure out and honestly the last few weeks have been hard but so glad that Cain really has got the hang of it better. 

To the next stage… 

Michelle x

Worrying about worrying

It’s never ending… 

I worried from the moment I found out I was pregnant until this day and I imagine for the rest of their lives!!! I always thought and still think and hope that “it’s just a phase” “another stage” we have to conquer. Normally I’m right but it’s still ongoing. You think you’ve cracked it then something throws a spanner in the works!! Frustrating is probably not the right word!!! 🙈🙈🙈 

I’m terrible at concerning myself over nothing!! It will eat me up until I resolve it somehow in my head!! Then beat myself up badly thinking how I could have changed it to make life easier. 

I’m telling you now if it wasn’t for some of my friends and relatives I think I would have exploded!  They’ve all received many messages asking for advice and to them I’m truly grateful for all their help. 

I never imagined parenting carried such a heavy weight but it really does no matter how chilled out the boys are or I try to be for them. 

The smallest thing is enough to send me into a spin and my poor hubby is one that has reign me back and put me back to normality. The amount of phone calls he has received off me is quite a few.

For all the worry, the absolute pleasure they do bring on their good days definitly makes up for it. Clark has recently started saying a few words and when he manages a new one its pure joy. (I’m sure I’ll be telling you he talks too much) Cain is such a happy, content little boy, always full of smiles . I can’t believe my luck. 

Michelle x

Feeling hot hot hot

Well, as you all know it’s been pretty darn hot this week. Some of us love it some of us hate it. Me, I do love having beautiful blue skies and the sunshine but the humidity, and the fact it does not cool down at night is the hardest bit. 

Trying to dress accordingly is difficult and keeping the babies cool too and out of the sun. Clark refuses to wear a hat which is difficult as he very fair like me and prone to burn and sunstroke. Nearly all week he’s been plastered in sun cream also on his head. He’s an outside boy so its even harder to keep him in. 

I have tried a few things to keep them cool-er: paddling pool, cold lollies, letting Clark run around without nappy on and his favourite thing was the washing up bowl full of water and bubbles! Played with it for ages whilst Cain and I sat in shade watching on. Amazing what that bowl of water did for him with his stacking cups and mega blocks. 

Night-time has been very  warm but our boys have done well throughout the week. Still settled ok and slept until normal times. Both their bedrooms were 31 degrees on Wednesday night, hottest I’ve ever known it.  Again, to keep cooler both have a fan in there rooms and not dressed in much other than nappy and vests or shorts for Clark. We racked our brains to think of how else we could cool the rooms but nothing really worked.  I’m very thankful they slept as we did not!! Especially Friday night with a big storm hovering around. I was dreading it if they woke up to hear big claps of thunder but thankfully they did great. 

I do hope you found a way to keep cool too or if you did find a trick please share it with us. 

Enjoy more sunshine ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️


To holiday or not to holiday

We have discussed this topic a few times between us lately as to whether we should brave a holiday with two under 2 or not?? I’m not sure how people do it if they do brave it. For us it means packing everything!!! I know people say you can go buy stuff whilst your away but why? when you have it already and do you really want to double it up and bring it home?!! 

We only have a small car at the moment so to us it would mean hiring another car as to fit 2 babies, luggage for 4, travel high seat and dog with her bed. It would be near impossible and that’s not packing the double pushchair either. Just getting in the car to go somewhere is stressful let alone the travelling times with milk feeds in there and if you are crazy enough to go on a plane then we’ll done you!! Woah, no thanks. 

Then you have to think is it really a holiday?? With all the stress of going somewhere, arriving and unpacking you have to think of babies first. So for us at the moment it means milk feeds then Clark’s meals and nap. We would just end stopping all the time. There are a few short hours in the day that don’t require each but still is that really a holiday?? 

We have spoken to our friend who has just got back from Spain. They stayed in a villa for a week. She said it was   lovely to be away but with her nearly 2 year old she was continuously just watching him- not relaxing at all even with help of both sets of parents. 


Would be great if you have any tips or great holiday stories that have been successful with two under 2. 

For us right now it fills us with dread and stress. Days out it is!! 

Michelle x