Our little Cain is getting such a big boy. 3 weeks ago he hit the 6 month mark and so it began- weaning!!

I pulled out my baby led weaning and Annabel Karmel books and flicked through to remind myself of how I was going to do this. I’m going to do both baby led and puréed food as I do want him to learn by holding,playing etc but also I want to know he’s eaten something. I did the same for Clark and he is an excellent eater. A machine almost! So fingers crossed he’ll be the same!! 

Day one I started off with Apple purée, very sweet I know but much nicer tasting than his minging milk (milk intolerance we believe so he’s on prescription milk) 

Then after a few days I moved on to carrot purée and also allowing him toast in the morning and bits at night like breadsticks, pasta etc

He really didn’t seem at all interested by purée and thought we were going to have to just do baby led but on day 6 he finally figured it out and now generally really enjoys it and has gone from eating not much to having breakfast, lunch and tea. 

The downside to weaning and having 2 so close together is my day is generally about the boys’ food and times. I struggle to even get food myself some days as it’s just never ending! As I’ve finished one the other will need something. I’m finding it very hard to get out the house alone with them both as it’s much easier to prepare and feed from home. 

With every new stage comes a whole new routine to try work around and figure out and honestly the last few weeks have been hard but so glad that Cain really has got the hang of it better. 

To the next stage… 

Michelle x


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