Worrying about worrying

It’s never ending… 

I worried from the moment I found out I was pregnant until this day and I imagine for the rest of their lives!!! I always thought and still think and hope that “it’s just a phase” “another stage” we have to conquer. Normally I’m right but it’s still ongoing. You think you’ve cracked it then something throws a spanner in the works!! Frustrating is probably not the right word!!! 🙈🙈🙈 

I’m terrible at concerning myself over nothing!! It will eat me up until I resolve it somehow in my head!! Then beat myself up badly thinking how I could have changed it to make life easier. 

I’m telling you now if it wasn’t for some of my friends and relatives I think I would have exploded!  They’ve all received many messages asking for advice and to them I’m truly grateful for all their help. 

I never imagined parenting carried such a heavy weight but it really does no matter how chilled out the boys are or I try to be for them. 

The smallest thing is enough to send me into a spin and my poor hubby is one that has reign me back and put me back to normality. The amount of phone calls he has received off me is quite a few.

For all the worry, the absolute pleasure they do bring on their good days definitly makes up for it. Clark has recently started saying a few words and when he manages a new one its pure joy. (I’m sure I’ll be telling you he talks too much) Cain is such a happy, content little boy, always full of smiles . I can’t believe my luck. 

Michelle x


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