To holiday or not to holiday

We have discussed this topic a few times between us lately as to whether we should brave a holiday with two under 2 or not?? I’m not sure how people do it if they do brave it. For us it means packing everything!!! I know people say you can go buy stuff whilst your away but why? when you have it already and do you really want to double it up and bring it home?!! 

We only have a small car at the moment so to us it would mean hiring another car as to fit 2 babies, luggage for 4, travel high seat and dog with her bed. It would be near impossible and that’s not packing the double pushchair either. Just getting in the car to go somewhere is stressful let alone the travelling times with milk feeds in there and if you are crazy enough to go on a plane then we’ll done you!! Woah, no thanks. 

Then you have to think is it really a holiday?? With all the stress of going somewhere, arriving and unpacking you have to think of babies first. So for us at the moment it means milk feeds then Clark’s meals and nap. We would just end stopping all the time. There are a few short hours in the day that don’t require each but still is that really a holiday?? 

We have spoken to our friend who has just got back from Spain. They stayed in a villa for a week. She said it was   lovely to be away but with her nearly 2 year old she was continuously just watching him- not relaxing at all even with help of both sets of parents. 


Would be great if you have any tips or great holiday stories that have been successful with two under 2. 

For us right now it fills us with dread and stress. Days out it is!! 

Michelle x


One thought on “To holiday or not to holiday

  1. Take a couple of day trips?! We havent hoildayed this yr , mainly coz we can’t afford it so instead we have brought annual tickets for twinlakes and thinking of getting annual tickets for wicksteed park. When we do holiday we tend to go butlins as its very much for the kids! As I kinda think a holiday is, would a young one really enjoy going abroad? Or prefer dancing round wiv a red coat at butlins lol I’m sure u would love to be abroad but wiv young ones your not gonna be sun bathing around the pool! Just stress coz the kids can’t be in it alown 🙂


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